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geek (gēk) n. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits.
rant (rānt) v. To speak or write in an angry, upset, or bewildered manner; rave.
geek rant (gēk rānt) n. The verbalization of a topic that really pisses off a geek.

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Rent A Car Ripoff

Written by The Geek on 2015-05-21   

If you find yourself travelling to the fun tourist destination of Orlando, you would do well to steer clear of car rental company "Economy Rent a Car", also known as "Signature Car Rental".  This company proved themselves to be a special kind of shady, and I'll share with you my experience and how crooked they are.


Educational System in Georgia gets an F

Written by The Geek on 2011-10-05   

So recently I moved my whole family from sunny South Florida, to beautful Georgia.  I did all the required homework up front, or so I thought.  Checked neighborhood, schools, crime rates, weather, and all sorts of other comparisons I could find, before deciding on an area and putting an offer on a house.  Once we moved into our new house, I was then told by the schools that my daughter cannot attend.  Yes, the local public school flat out denied my child.


Stargate Universe ends with a splat

Written by The Geek on 2011-05-11   

I've been an avid watcher of all of the Star Gate series ever since SG-1 was still on the air.  I was very disappointed when SG-1 replaced Richard Dean Anderson (yes, I know he deserved to retire), and even more so when the series ended after 10 seasons.  But all things said, it ended well.  Atlantis was also a great show, and again it also ended well.  So when in December of 2010 SyFy announced that they were not renewing Stargate Universe and began to tout and advertise "The Final Episodes", I was once again hoping a good ending, and some sort of closure.


Best Buy displays Worst Behaviour

Written by The Geek on 2011-02-24   

I've been a long-time customer of Best Buy.  While they don't always have the best deals on what I'm looking for, they have a wide selection and usually have what I am looking for in stock.  Plus, their sales are usually pretty good.  But what happens when the good goes bad?


Chasing Chase

Written by The Geek on 2010-10-29   

Banks.  They've got their good and they've got their bad.  But sometimes, it seems like they are just out to get their customers money, however shady the means may be.  I thought Chase was different.  I thought wrong.


Renaissance Fair loses its Flair

Written by The Geek on 2010-03-01   

Down here in South Florida, we have an annual event called the Renaissance fair, or the "Ren Fair" as we call it.  It's basically a bunch of people, who put on silly garb, and put on shows and exhibitions, and give people a small taste of what it used to be like in the middle ages.  Or so I thought, anyways.


Saving the Environment

Written by The Geek on 2009-11-24   

There's alot of hullabaloo going around about saving the environment, going green, lowering your carbon footprint, etc, etc.  But why do I get the feeling that alot of the people doing the shouting are doing so just because they have a soapbox to stand on?  I believe many of them would be shouting whether the discussion was the environment or toothpaste.


Disney should take a lesson from Burger King

Written by The Geek on 2009-08-31   

So I had the pleasure of spending the last 3 days in Orlando with my oldest daughter, who just turned 16.  Sure, I overindulged her with shows and food and games and such, but you only turn 16 once, so this was a special treat.  So when we walked into the "Design-a-Tee" store in Downtown Disney, we were expecting to be able to design our own t-shirt, not a lesson in how NOT to do things.


Racism is alive and kicking in 2009

Written by The Geek on 2009-01-16   

I find it completely amazing at how some people's brains work.  Take, for instance, this guy I met at Dunkin Donuts this morning.  He was going on a huge rant about how his people are oppressed, and how he doesnt understand why the whites get to have off on their holiday.  Oh, did I mention Martin Luther King day is only 3 days away?


What's the deal with time shares?

Written by The Geek on 2008-09-23   

So you know the deal with Time Shares, don't you?  You get some little prize to sit and listen to a presentation, maybe take a tour, and then get the hard sell on why you just can't live without a Time Share.  Oh, and by LAW you have to make a decision THAT DAY.


Are Americans even Americans anymore?

Written by The Geek on 2007-06-11   

The USA has long been a country accepting of other nationalities.  We've opened our arms wide for people looking for a better life, to immigrate to our country to be our brothers and sisters.  Or so we intended.  What happened to this dream?


Cutting off your nose to spite your face

Written by The Geek on 2007-03-19   

Everyone is in business to make money.  Take your typical company.  They invent a product of some sort, they produce it, and then they attempt to sell it.  But what happens when they want more money for the product than anyone is willing to pay?


Cyber Squatters Should be Shot

Written by The Geek on 2007-03-01   

Whats the deal with cybersquatters?  For those of you who don't know who I mean, these are people who buy domain names and hold them, just because they believe someone will eventually want to buy them at a large profit.  So, what happens when someone goes to get a domain name to use for a specific purpose, but someone else has it and is just sitting on it hoping for a payday?  Basically, you're screwed.


Drivers - Inconsiderate or Just Stupid?

Written by The Geek on 2007-02-05   

How many of you have driven the roads recently?  I don't know about where YOU drive, but I can tell you things are pretty much going to hell in a handbasket on the roads here in South Florida.  I'm sure this isnt the only place, as well.


The Men in Blue

Written by The Geek on 2007-02-02   

You know, they say it takes a special kind of person to be a cop.  I'm wondering if JERK is one of the qualities they are looking for.  How many times have YOU seen your local police bending the law in thier favor?


Printer Ink

Written by The Geek on 2007-01-26   

Whats with the high cost of printer ink?  Why does my wallet run and hide when I want to go to the store to buy some printer ink cartridges??