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Racism is alive and kicking in 2009

  Written by The Geek on 2009-01-16PDF Print E-mail

I find it completely amazing at how some people's brains work.  Take, for instance, this guy I met at Dunkin Donuts this morning.  He was going on a huge rant about how his people are oppressed, and how he doesnt understand why the whites get to have off on their holiday.  Oh, did I mention Martin Luther King day is only 3 days away?

So here I was, standing in line at Dunkin Donuts, nothing on my mind except getting my Cinnamin-Rasin bagel and getting to work.  After standing in line for a couple minutes, a guy a couple people in front of my suddenly says out loud, "this is bullshit!  fuckin bullshit!".  Umm.. ok... whatever.

Seems he was on the phone with someone, who was apparently not black (did I even have to mention that our friend here is black?) and told him that they had the day off on Monday for MLK day.  Well, our friend here (let's just call him BOB to make it easier) had a fit right there in Dunkin Donuts.

Hanging up his phone, he says aloud to everyone in the store, "This is bullshit!  We only get one holiday that is ours, and you guys gotta take it too!  I don't see why just the black people can't have their day off, and the rest of you gotta work".

If any of you know me, you know that I'm not bashful most of the time.  I just couldnt keep a lid on it.

"1 holiday that is YOURS?  ONLY one holiday that is YOURS?", I said, making sure I had his attention.  "Why do you make it seem like we've got lots of holidays that belong to us, that exclude you?"

"Exactly!", he said, "my people have been oppressed and enslaved by your people, and we deserve retribution!"

So now here I was, standing in line, starting to get pissed off.  "Why don't you name ONE holiday that's for 'my people'", I told him.  He looked at me and I repeated it, "Name me ONE holiday thats just for us, that excludes your people".

The place was silent.  The guy was looking at me, but not saying a word. "Exactly.  None.  There are no magic 'white' holidays.  All of the holidays we have in this country are celebrated by the country, as a whole, or by religious groups, most of which accept all races."

"Yeah well, my people were still enslaved!  You made us slaves, made us wipe your ass!", Bob retorted.

I was ready for this, my blood actually starting to boil now.  "You know", I said, "I agree.  Your people got a raw deal back in the day.  THEY were torn from their homes, they were made into slaves, and they were treated like nothing more than cattle."  Bob was shaking his head, agreeing with me.  "But you know what?", I said, "YOU WERENT THERE.  YOU WERE NOT OPPRESSED OR ENSLAVED.  I WASNT THERE EITHER, AND HAD NO HAND IN IT".

I continued, "It was a bad thing that happened, and I for one am sorry for what happened to your ancestors.  But this country has since done what it can to bend over backwards to make up for it.  And you know what, it's never enough, is it?  You want to talk Racism?  Let's talk Racism!  The American Negro College fund.  Black Entertainment Television.  There's even movies and TV shows with all-black casts.  Where's the white equivalent of these things?  If we had a "White Entertainment Channel", or the "Caucasion College Fund", it would be considered Racist!  So why is it that these things are available and permissible for you, and not for us?"

"How come we can be racists, and you can't?  Don't you realize, we are no longer the majority.  We are quickly becoming the minority.  My 'people' are STILL paying for the sins of a time we had nothing to do with, and here you stand bitching that you are oppressed.  There are more opportunities available to you than will ever be available to my children."

A guy behind me in line said "yeah, my daughter didnt get her college scholarship because they needed to fill the spot with a black person.  Forget that academically she was more qualified for the scholarship, they are REQUIRED to include a minimum number of blacks in their scholarships, even when there more deserving candidates"

Bob turned around and looked forward.  He ordered his donuts quietly, and paid.  On his way out the door, he said real loud, "fucking honkeys".

So, he just illustrated my point.  The whole racism paradigm has reversed, as far as I see it.  Maybe it's just a demographic thing (I live in South Florida), but it seems that most of the black people I know act and talk the same way.

For the record, I -DO- feel bad about how the blacks were treated in the past.  But in my lifetime, they've been treated as equals.  They have the same opportunities as the rest of us, if not more.  I've got many friends who are black, a few of them are as close a friend as you can get.  Do I like them any differently than I do my white, or asian, or indian friends?  No.  I like them for who they are, and how they affect my life. 

People are people, in my book, until they begin to act like asses.

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# What makes me madDanny 2009-01-21 07:43
You know what really makes ME mad?? I'm a black man, and proud of it. But I have to say I know more racist people of color than I do white people who are racists.

During the elections, 98% of the blacks I know were hell bent on voting for Obama. Why? Because he was the better candidate? Because he had the right views? No. Because he was black. This makes me sick. We fought long and hard to overcome racism, but still perpetuate it ourselves. And then bitch about it.
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