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The Men in Blue

  Written by The Geek on 2007-02-02PDF Print E-mail

You know, they say it takes a special kind of person to be a cop.  I'm wondering if JERK is one of the qualities they are looking for.  How many times have YOU seen your local police bending the law in thier favor?

Think about it.  How many times have you been crusing down the road to see a police car behind you, and when it passes you (going more than the speed limit), you see some dude in there in a pair of shorts just cruising along.  I'm sorry, a police car is not permission to speed!  Whats worse, is when you see them use thier lights to get past traffic, or they want to run a traffic light.  Then you see them pull over to the drive thru at Burger King.

And no, it obviously doesnt stop there.  Lets take my last few days for consideration, shall we?  I have a leased van, and the lease is just over a month old.  I've been waiting for the new tag, and did not notice the temporary tag expired (just a few days before the perm tag came).  It was monday morning, and I was on the way to work, when I was pulled over by a cop.  I call this guy good cop, because he asked me about the tag, I showed him the paperwork that it was a lease, and that I was waiting on the perm tag.  The cop was cool, obviously I was as much a victim here as anyone else, and he let me go.  That day I called and complained that I needed a new temp tag right away.

So the next day, here I am again on the way to work.  Once again I see lights in my mirror and I pull over.  This time, its a different officer.  I call this guy bad-cap, because, to be honest, he's a cop because he loves the power trip he gets from it.  So he asks me the same questions the guy the day before had.  I show him the paperwork, tell him I called the company, and that they promised to overnight be a new tag.  At this point, he makes me get OUT of the car so he can tell me that I had BETTER have a different tag tomorrow, because he would be looking for me.  Then he walks away with me standing there.  As it would happen, a permanent tag was delivered to me, at work, later that morning.  I didnt even hesitate, I went outside and attached it to the van immediately.

Day three, here he is again.  Pulls me over and sees I have a new tag.  Thats not good enough.  He takes my license and registration back to his car, and calls it in to make sure its all legal.  Which, of course, it was.  Then he comes back and asks me if I have any open alcoholic containers in the vehicle.  No, I say.  He gives me back my information and walks away.  So off to work I go.

Day four.  Yes, there is a day 4.  Every time this cop pulls me over, it's been right near a school zone.  Well here on day 4, the cop was pulled over, out of his car, watching the traffic go by.  As I got close, he stood up, walked into the road, and held up his hand for me to stop.  He walked over to my door, I rolled down the window, and he stuck his head right IN my van.  He then asked, "You wearing your seatbelt, sir?".  to which I answered, "uhhh...yeah... you can see it right here" and showed him the wide strap crossing my chest.  With that, he turned and walked away.

Day five.  This morning he did not stop or pull me over, but I did see him sitting on the side of the road again.  He smiled and waved as I passed.  Not one of those friendly smiles, either.  It was more like one of those "Im watching you punk" smiles.

So whats the point of all this?  At what point does/did the above become harrassment?  Why do the police have the same rules as wel do.  And the rules they do have, who is to police them to make sure they keep in line.  They are citizens too.  Since when did "Protect and Serve" have the word "yourself" added to the end?


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