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Disney should take a lesson from Burger King

  Written by The Geek on 2009-08-31PDF Print E-mail

So I had the pleasure of spending the last 3 days in Orlando with my oldest daughter, who just turned 16.  Sure, I overindulged her with shows and food and games and such, but you only turn 16 once, so this was a special treat.  So when we walked into the "Design-a-Tee" store in Downtown Disney, we were expecting to be able to design our own t-shirt, not a lesson in how NOT to do things.

So, as I was saying, we're in Downtown Disney and we see this store, Design-a-tee.  We think it would be cool to go home with custom made t-shirts, so in we go:


Inside the store


So what you have are all these little self-serve kiosks where you can design your own t-shirt.  My daughter and I each pick one and design a shirt. My shirt had a picture of the cute little alien from toy story.  As a caption, I had it say "Take me 2 ur wimmin".  I thought it was very amusing, and was even thinking about getting a matching shirt for my 11 yr old boy.  Here's the alien:



I liked the shirt so much, I clicked the remaining buttons to order the shirt.  My daughter had created a shirt with a baby Pluto on it, and gave it the caption "Dog-on-cute".  We also clicked to buy that shirt.

So up to the front we go, with receipts in hand, to pay for our purchases.  But no, first they need to be reviewed by Disney Staff  (which I supposed makes sense, they don't want a picture of Mikey on a shirt with expletives or such, do they?

Well, on my daughter's shirt they didn't like the dashes, and they didn't like that it was "Dog on cute".  They insisted on "Dog Gone Cute".  My daughter didn't like the way that looked, so I told them give it like we asked for, or I wont buy it.  They relented after some bickering, but passed it through.

No, to my shirt.  They objected to the use of "Slang", when there was still room for more text on the shirt.  They didn't like "2 ur", and insisted I change it.  I gave some push back, but apparently they were not backing own this time.  So finally I relented, and sent it back in.

Now what?

Well, now they don't like "wimmin" spelled like that.  Ummm.  I did it on purpose.  Nope.  They wouldn't print the shirt with this typo on it.


Fine, I fix the spelling and once again submit it.

Rejected.  The alien would only ask "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER".  For the sanctity of the Character's persona, they refused to print women, and suggested that I changed it to "Leader".  I suggested they take a lesson from other companies, like Burger King.  When BK says "Have it your way", and you order it, you get what you asked for.  Apparently when Disney says "Have it your way", they only mean you can have it your way if your way is the way they want it.  

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