geek rant

geek (gēk) n. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits.
rant (rānt) v. To speak or write in an angry, upset, or bewildered manner; rave.
geek rant (gēk rānt) n. The verbalization of a topic that really pisses off a geek.

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Saving the Environment

Written by The Geek on 2009-11-24   

There's alot of hullabaloo going around about saving the environment, going green, lowering your carbon footprint, etc, etc.  But why do I get the feeling that alot of the people doing the shouting are doing so just because they have a soapbox to stand on?  I believe many of them would be shouting whether the discussion was the environment or toothpaste.


Printer Ink

Written by The Geek on 2007-01-26   

Whats with the high cost of printer ink?  Why does my wallet run and hide when I want to go to the store to buy some printer ink cartridges??