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geek (gēk) n. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits.
rant (rānt) v. To speak or write in an angry, upset, or bewildered manner; rave.
geek rant (gēk rānt) n. The verbalization of a topic that really pisses off a geek.

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Stargate Universe ends with a splat

Written by The Geek on 2011-05-11   

I've been an avid watcher of all of the Star Gate series ever since SG-1 was still on the air.  I was very disappointed when SG-1 replaced Richard Dean Anderson (yes, I know he deserved to retire), and even more so when the series ended after 10 seasons.  But all things said, it ended well.  Atlantis was also a great show, and again it also ended well.  So when in December of 2010 SyFy announced that they were not renewing Stargate Universe and began to tout and advertise "The Final Episodes", I was once again hoping a good ending, and some sort of closure.