geek rant

geek (gēk) n. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits.
rant (rānt) v. To speak or write in an angry, upset, or bewildered manner; rave.
geek rant (gēk rānt) n. The verbalization of a topic that really pisses off a geek.

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Racism is alive and kicking in 2009

Written by The Geek on 2009-01-16   

I find it completely amazing at how some people's brains work.  Take, for instance, this guy I met at Dunkin Donuts this morning.  He was going on a huge rant about how his people are oppressed, and how he doesnt understand why the whites get to have off on their holiday.  Oh, did I mention Martin Luther King day is only 3 days away?


Are Americans even Americans anymore?

Written by The Geek on 2007-06-11   

The USA has long been a country accepting of other nationalities.  We've opened our arms wide for people looking for a better life, to immigrate to our country to be our brothers and sisters.  Or so we intended.  What happened to this dream?


Cutting off your nose to spite your face

Written by The Geek on 2007-03-19   

Everyone is in business to make money.  Take your typical company.  They invent a product of some sort, they produce it, and then they attempt to sell it.  But what happens when they want more money for the product than anyone is willing to pay?


Cyber Squatters Should be Shot

Written by The Geek on 2007-03-01   

Whats the deal with cybersquatters?  For those of you who don't know who I mean, these are people who buy domain names and hold them, just because they believe someone will eventually want to buy them at a large profit.  So, what happens when someone goes to get a domain name to use for a specific purpose, but someone else has it and is just sitting on it hoping for a payday?  Basically, you're screwed.


Drivers - Inconsiderate or Just Stupid?

Written by The Geek on 2007-02-05   

How many of you have driven the roads recently?  I don't know about where YOU drive, but I can tell you things are pretty much going to hell in a handbasket on the roads here in South Florida.  I'm sure this isnt the only place, as well.


The Men in Blue

Written by The Geek on 2007-02-02   

You know, they say it takes a special kind of person to be a cop.  I'm wondering if JERK is one of the qualities they are looking for.  How many times have YOU seen your local police bending the law in thier favor?